Drs. Theresa & Stuart Warner with Media Trainer/TV Producer Jess Todtfeld
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Just a few of our powerful ambassadors being put in front of the media consistently through the year.  Become a Chiropractic leader.
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The 'Chiropractic Media Ambassadors'
What will it mean for you when you 
become a 'Media Master' and Spokesperson? 
In this Exclusive One-of-a-Kind Private Community, 
First You'll Learn to Leverage the Media:
  •  Increase your presence on social media
  •  Maximize exposure for your blog, or podcast
  •  Get published
  •  Get booked for tv & radio
And as a result...
You become the credible source for health & wellness in your town.

  • Grow your practice, brand, & bank account at the same time!
  • Get your message to the masses
  • You Become the 'Go-To Celebrity Doctor' in Your Community!
  • And So Much More...
  • More NP's! 
  • Increased Revenue! 
  • More Free Time!
What Can You Expect When You 
Become Trained as a Media Ambassador...
Hear from Media Trainer & former TV producer Jess Todfeld
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Now Opening Enrollment to the Next Group of Doctors
Learn How to BEST ORGANIZE Your Thoughts During Interviews.

Learn to BRAND Your Message
 & Bring It to Your Community.
Know What to Say
to Grow Your Practice 
& Your Profile

Confidence, Authenticity, Clear & Dynamic Message, Branding...
Learn How to 
Look & Feel Like a Pro.

You'll get all the tools 
to Make it Happen! 

Learn About How You Can 
Pitch the Media Every Week for FREE...
'Chiropractic Media Pitch Week' 
Join the Movement guiding the Healthcare Revolution!
Dictate the message the pubic sees and hears.
Material delivered to you within a 
private membership on-line portal & secret FB group. 
As a 'CMA' member you will constantly be given access to 
Actionable Content to help grow your practice & your brand including:

  *7 new strategies & hooks each month to get your message to the  media.
  *Get your message, your brand, your practice, & your product
   into all forms of media (print, podcasting, blogging, social media,
   radio, television).

  *Listen to industry guest experts & masters.

  *Learn the “Insider Secrets" of success!
  *Submit your ideas for review before you launch.

  *View media examples broken down for you as a teaching tool. 

  *See the "best & worst", the "pros and cons" of what to do 
   & not to do.

  *Insight into the heads of the producers, bookers, writers, editors,
   reporters, etc.

  *Sound bites that make you sound like a Media Star!

  *Quick Start Guides for interviews & media situations.

   Plus So Much More Value & Content…
Apply to Join the Exclusive Media Ambassador Program
Now Opening Enrollment to the Next Group of Doctors
What You'll Learn as a Member of This Private Community? 
What Will Actually Happen?  
  • BECOME MEDIA READY - We are putting together an elite group of Chiropractic Media Ready Ambassadors. 
  • DAILY STRATEGIES - We will be providing a constant stream of new, cutting edge information, publicity and opportunities.
  • EXCLUSIVITY - We will show you how to stay in front of the media every month. 
  • COLLABORATION - It's time to tell "Our Chiropractic Story" & to set the agenda & dictate the message. You will be part of the group shaping the outreach, choosing the stories shared with the media, and the direction of this public facing group. 
What  Hapen?  
RELEVANCE - We will give you the hooks & strategies to tie into current events, holidays, personal accomplishments & other relevant issues to keep you in the front of the story.


BECOME A 'ROCK STAR' IN YOUR CITY - By showing up in the media, you will become a 'local star' in your area. This will help drive in new patients and local prominence.
Both of these vehicles can get you where you want to go... 
But which one would you rather take to get you there? 
Don't get left behind!

The on-line membership portal gives you constant & immediate access 
to all new & archived material. 

The outcome you'll receive is an increased knowledge working in all forms of media (print/publishing, social media, radio/podcasting, & television),

Learn to leverage your message out to all forms of media. 

We are Now Opening Enrollment to the Next Group of Docs!

Apply to Join the Exclusive Media Ambassador Program
Now Opening Enrollment to the Next Group of Doctors
You don't have to  
reinvent the wheel
Don't waste thousands of $$ per month by overspending for marketing & paying a publicist
This Is PURE Training To Help You 
Maximize Your Success In All Forms of Media!

You will hone your pitch, but you will get so much more...
Receive "Specialized Training" that will give you
the exact tools you need to attract more new patients, 
build a following, increase your revenue.

Unless you want to keep riding that horse to work; 
learn how to use the media to 
Become The 'Go-To Doc' in Your Community
What if you could find out on a daily basis the newest & most cutting edge ways to reach the people in your community and beyond! 

Stand Out As A Leader In Our Profession...
Your Coaches & Trainers
Leading the Ambassador Program:

Drs. Theresa & Stuart Warner -
Pediatric Chiropractic Media Spokespersons, Coaches & Trainers
Drs. Stuart and Theresa Warner are a husband-and-wife chiropractic team who have revolutionized the chiropractic world by teaching chiropractors to attract the child as the first patient in the family to receive care. The Warners were known as “pediatric chiropractors” before there were pediatric chiropractors. 

They have been coaching and training fellow chiropractors for the past 2 decades, teaching them all aspects of pediatric practice procedures, clinical and adjusting protocol to improve their pediatric technique. What they are most known for is their innovative marketing strategies and promotions and special events designed to propel them to become leaders in their communities and advocates for children's health and wellness.

Drs. Theresa an Stuart Warner are media spokespersons for the chiropractic profession. They regular appear on national and international TV and radio shows to educate and advance chiropractic care for newborns and kids. The Warners have created a movement to propel chiropractors to a leadership position in children’s health and wellness throughout the world. Their plan to accomplish this vision is by getting the truth out through the media, and as a result see millions more children getting adjusted.

Jess Todtfeld – Media Trainer, #1 best selling Author,
Former National TV Producer, Guinness Record Setter
The Washington Post has called Jess Todtfeld a “Media Training Expert.”

The Washington Times has called him a “Public Relations Maven.” 

Jess helps CEOs, business executives, spokespeople, public relations reps, experts, authors, and inventors to not just do a better job when working with the media … but to CONTROL THE MEDIA. 

On a daily basis, Jess helps people to propel their business forward by helping them to make the media work FOR them instead of against them.

-Former TV Producer with ABC, NBC, and FOX

-#1 Bestseller (2016) Media Secrets: A Media Training Crash Course

-Jess has been featured in 50 to 100 newspapers, has been seen on ABC, NBC, FOX, CBS, CNN, AP, BCC, MTV, The Daily Show & More.

-Guinness Record Holder: Giving the Most Interviews:
 112 Different Radio Stations in 24 Hours
Apply to Join the Exclusive Media Ambassador Program
Now Opening Enrollment to the Next Group of Doctors
Dr. Teri, Dr. Stu, & Jess Will Share Their 
'Insider Secrets' on Getting All Types of Publicity to help 
Grow Your Influence & Your Practice! 
On a Daily Basis You'll Get Strategies and Action Plans to Explode Your Message. We'll Give You The Focus to Get You Launched!
You will become a member the Chiropractic Media Ambassadors Secret Facebook Group to get all of the benefits, privileges & support. 
Here's More of What You'll Have Access to 
In the On-Line Membership Portal:
  • You will learn how to Look Your Best, Sound Your Best, and... FEEL Your Best During the pitch and ... the Interviews You Ultimately Do.
  • You'll Get Our Systems for Creating Media Messages and Quotable Sound Bites.
  • Each month we will meet virtually via an online platform where we'll Mastermind, Focus Group & Support
  •  Learn an EASY system for being able to handle Any Question that comes your way... while still being authentic.
  • You'll get our feedback & implementation support to keep in front of the media; TV, radio, newspapers, and all forms of social media.
  • We work with you Personally to help define your message & have you feel armed and empowered.
One of our unique lessons is how to "convert" interviews. This means being able to say the right things so you can grow your practice & your business, 
drive in more web traffic, sell more books, 
get seen on TV, heard on radio and more!

MASTERING and IMPROVING your conversation, 
is the KEY to you increasing your 
revenue and helping more people!  
This is weaved in so you get the most 
ANY time you give an interview.
BE THE CHANGE!!!   No More Excuses!!! 
Grow Your Practice by 
Leveraging the Power of Social Proof!
Receive Guidance and Develop Focus to 
Dictate the Story YOU Want Told!

We are Releasing an Army of Empowered Chiropractors in front of the Media & We Need You!
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Now Opening Enrollment to the Next Group of Doctors
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